It's Hot! Cool Off with some Deals!

Cool off on a hot day with a little air. Get our 24" Industrial oscilating circulator fan.

KSCdirect Item Code: TPI ACH-24-O

Need to cool off on a hot summer day? Our Perfect Fitness cooling towels are just the thing.

KSCdirect Item Code: PER 31024

How about something refreshing to drink? We now stock Gatorade!

"Mix & drink" premeasured drink powder pouches provide an excellent value to sports teams, recreation groups & anyone who might need to keep a gallon or more on hand. Enjoy the same delicious, refreshing flavors you've come to love. The Thirst Quencher delivers a fun way to accelerate your rehydration process. At the same time, this sports drink replenishes important electrolytes, helping to keep you performing at your peak.

Each pouch makes 6 gallons. 14 pouches per box.

KSCdirect Item Codes:

GAT 308-03967

Lemon Lime
GAT 308-03968

Orange Powder
GAT 308-33672

Riptide Rush
GAT 308-33676

Glacier Freeze
GAT 308-33690

Fruit Punch

Cool off with some deals!