Kelly Supply is extremely proud of our rich history and successes, based on long standing relationships with our customers, our family and our employees, developed and nurtured for over a century. We look forward to maintaining these ongoing relationships while establishing new ones in the future.

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1903 - Kelly-Porter Plumbing Company formed. A partnership between Wm. Kelly and Dr. Porter.

1903 - The First Company Ledger and Transaction

1905 - Wm. Kelly purchased the interest of Porter

1909 - Our First Company Truck

1912 - Robert Kelly & Martin Kelly open operation in Kearney, NE.

1914 - Martin Kelly opens plumbing shop in St. Paul, NE.

1915 - Kelly Well Drilling Products & Services

1917 - Kelly Well Company organized with brothers / partners: William, Martin, Robert, Thomas Kelly

1921 - Kelly Brothers purchase Cantrell Plumbing Company and organized the Sanitary Plumbing Company.

1923 - Became a Rigid Distributor

1924 - Wm. Kelly Patent #1,488,753

1926 - Kelly Supply Product Showroom

1927 - The Kelly Supply Company organized. Distributors of petroleum handling equipment and plumbing supplies.

1920’s Kelly Co. petroleum product ad card

Late 20’s early 30’s Kelvinator Photo + the Story of Kelvinator

1930 - First transactions with Crane Valve

1932 Sales Letter from Wm Kelly & Company

1934 - Contract for sewer construction projects.

1934 - Sanitary Sewer Project

1934 - Sanitary Sewer Project, part II

1935 - Wm. Kelly Patent #2,011,448

1937 - Martin Kelly Jr. associates with Wm. Kelly Company and Kelly Supply Company

1938 - Became a Gates Rubber Distributor

1939 Mullen Nebraska - Kelly Supply as Contractor for NE Water Services 

1945 - Howard and Ralph Kelly associate with Kelly Supply

1945 - March Sales Bulletin

1947 - Wm. Kelly Company, Kelly Well, Saniatary Plumbing and Kelly Supply Company separated into three companies.

1948 - Kelly Supply moves to new building on Oklahoma Avenue

1950 - Grand Island Sales Counter

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