SPORTLITE, Inc. is an Arizona corporation, engaged in the development and marketing of energy efficient light fixtures utilizing high lumen output Compact Fluorescent lamps and ballasts. SPORTLITE fixtures are designed to replace metal halide, mercury vapor and high pressure sodium fixtures, as well as HO & VHO strip fluorescents and high wattage incandescent lamps. Our exclusive patented design provides near equal vertical and horizontal illumination on the work plane, while at the same time eliminating shadowing on products and equipment. Common energy savings range from 30% to 85% when compared to existing fixtures.

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TDX Architectural Grade Compact Fluorescent High Bay

VR Series Surface Luminaires

AFS Series Architectural Shrouds

PulseBloc® Digital Lite Control

LX Series Fixtures

DX Series Decorative Low Bay

GX Mulit-Use Low Bay

BX Series Lay-In & Canopy

Aisleliter Fixtures

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