Spears is backed by over 40 years of both product and process development experience SPEARS has become one of the leading manufacturers of thermoplastic valves, fittings, and piping system components. Innovative product designs and improvements, new fitting technologies, and a fully integrated manufacturing system are all a part of SPEARS ongoing commitment to Quality, Satisfaction, and Service.

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Swing Joint & Irrigation

Check Valves, Compression & Repair Fittings

Inserts & Nipples

CTS Fittings & Valves

Transition Fittings & Adapters

Hot-Tap Saddles & Clamp Saddles


Valves & Strainers

Actuated Valves

Metric Fittings & Valves

LXT High Purity

Polypropylene Fittings

Double Containment

LabWaste Acid Waste System

Fabricated Fittings

Pipe Thread Sealants & Solvent


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