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Multi-Purpose Synthetic Fluids

Multi-Purpose Synthetic Greases

Synthetic Air Compressor Fluids

Refrigeration Compressor Fluids

Specialty Synthetic Fluids

Hydraulic Fluids

Syn-Lube Series VG 22-100

HO Series

Low Temp Hydraulic Oils

ZF Hydraulic Oils

Marine-Safe Hydraulic Oils

Bio-Syn HF-46

Air Compressors

Synthetic Air Compressor Fluids

Petroleum-Based Fluids

Refrigeration Compressor Oils

Gear, Bearing & Recirculating Fluids

Synthetic Multi-Purpose


Auto and Marine

Automotive Lubricants

Motor Oils & Transmission Fluids

Metal Working Fluids

Darl No. 2 Cutting Oil

No. 405 Dark Cutting Oil

Flokool XX Cutting Oil

Honing Oil

No. 35 Soluble Oil


Metal Working Fluid

Spray Lubricants

Chain & Cable Fluid

Spray Lube 'A'

Gear Shield Extra Heavy

X-357 Lubricant

Marine & Auto Guard

Oil Well in a Bottle

FGL-1 Spray

Super FML-2 Spray

FMO-350-AW Spray

SFGO Ultra-7 Spray

Food Grade Silicone Lubricant

FMO-85-AW Spray

Multi-Purpose Greases

Multi-purpose Synthetic Greases

Multi-purpose Petroleum-Based Greases

Greases for Special Applications

Greases for Open Gearing

Specialty Lubricants and Greases

Specialty Oils and Fluids

Air Tool Lubricant

Jack Oil

Bar & Chain Oil

Chain & Cable Fluid/Chain & Cable Heavy

Super Chain Oil


Heat Transfer Oils

Rock Drill Oils

Mist Oil

Vacuum Pump Oils

HO Special Hydraulic Oils

Food Grade Silicone Lubricant

Food Machinery

Synthetic Food Machinery Greases/Class NSF H-1 Registered

Synthetic Food Machinery Fluids/Class H-1

USP Mineral Oil-Based Food Machinery Oils/Class H-1

USP Mineral Oil-Based Food Grade Greases/Class H-1

Food Machinery/Class H-2

Food Grade Spray Lubricants/Class H-1


Bio-Syn HF-46 Hydraulic Fluid

Marine Safe Series Hydraulic Oils

Syncool - Air Compressor Fluid

ZF Series Hydraulic Fluids

PGO Series Multi-Purpose Fluids

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