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Image Item Code Short Description
GAS 5-PORTMAN-2 Cast 5 port - 1-1/4"F x 5 @ 3/4"F x 1"F 5PORTMAN2
GAS MAG-TAPE Magnetic Tape-2" x 1,000 ft. roll MAGTAPE
GAS STRP3-8-24 1/2" Jacket Stripper STRP3824
GAS GTBLADE-LG2-5 Replacement blade for GTCUTTER-LG2 GTBLADELG25
GAS 1/2X6STUB-10 1/2"M x 6"L Straight Stub 12X6STUB10
GAS 1/2X12STUB-10 1/2"M x 12"L Straight Stub 12X12STUB10
GAS 1-1/4X6STUB-10 1-1/4"M x 6"L Straight Stub 114X6STUB10
GAS 1-1/4X12STUB-10 1-1/4"M x 12"L Straight Stub 114X12STUB10
GAS 1X6STUB-10 1"M x 6"L Straight Stub 1X6STUB10
GAS 1X12STUB-10 1"M x 12"L Straight Stub 1X12STUB10
GAS 3/4X6STUB-10 3/4"M x 6"L Straight Stub 34X6STUB10
GAS 3/4X12STUB-10 3/4"M x 12"L Straight Stub 34X12STUB10
GAS 4-PORTMAN-10 Cast 4 port w/PT Port – 3/4"F x 4 @ 1/2"F x 1/2"F 4PORTMAN10
GAS 4-PORTMAN Cast 4 port w/PT Port – 3/4"F x 4 @ 1/2"F x 1/2"F 4PORTMAN
GAS 5-PORTMAN-1 Cast 5 port w/PT Port – 3/4"F x 1@ 3/4"F x 4@1/2"Fx 1"F 5PORTMAN1
GAS 30051-NG 635 MBTU of NG @ 8" w.c. with 1/2" NPT inlet/oulet 30051NG
GAS 30052-NG 848 MBTU of NG @ 8" W.C. with 3/4" NPT Inlet/Outlet 30052NG
GAS 30053-NG 1059 MBTU of NG @ 8" W.C. with 1" NPT Inlet/Outlet 30053NG
GAS 30153-NG 5297 MBTU of NG @ 8" W.C. with 1-1/4" NPT Inlet/Outlet 30153NG
GAS 111596-08 Coated Steel 4 Port – 3/4"F x 4 @ 1/2" F x 3/4"M 11159608
GAS ANGLE-STUB-01-10 1/2"M x 4-1/2"L x 72.5 Degree Angle Stub ANGLESTUB0110
GAS CHTOOL-12-16IPS 3/4" IPS x 1" IPS-Chamfering Tool CHTOOL1216IPS
GAS CHTOOL-24 1-1/2" IPS-Chamfering Tool CHTOOL24
GAS CWP1JSH 3/8" and 1/2" CWP1JSH
GAS CWP2JSH 3/4", 1" and 1-1/4" CWP2JSH
GAS F-RISER-8-72 Flex Riser - 1/2" CTS x 72" x 1/2" NPT FRISER872
GAS FLOPPY16 1" Coil steel conduit - Fits 1/2" CSST FLOPPY16
GAS FS-8-50 1/2" Flash Shield CSST FS850
GAS FS-8-125 1/2" Flash Shield CSST FS8125
GAS FS-8-250 1/2" Flash Shield CSST FS8250
GAS FS-8-500 1/2" Flash Shield CSST FS8500
GAS FS-8-1000 1/2" Flash Shield CSST FS81000
GAS FS-11-50 3/4" Flash Shield CSST FS1150
GAS FS-11-125 3/4" Flash Shield CSST FS11125
GAS FS-11-250 3/4" Flash Shield CSST FS11250
GAS FS-11-500 3/4" Flash Shield CSST FS11500
GAS FS-11-1000 3/4" Flash Shield CSST FS111000
GAS FS-16-50 1" Flash Shield CSST FS1650
GAS FS-16-75 1" Flash Shield CSST FS1675
GAS FS-16-150 1" Flash Shield CSST FS16150
GAS FS-16-300 1" Flash Shield CSST FS16300
GAS FS-20-50 1-1/4" Flash Shield CSST FS2050
GAS FS-20-75 1-1/4" Flash Shield CSST FS2075
GAS FS-20-150 1-1/4" Flash Shield CSST FS20150
GAS FS-24-150 1-1/2" FlashShield CSST FS24150
GAS FS-32-75 2" FlashShield CSST FS3275
GAS LBRACE-1-20 Term. Fitting Mounting Kit - Fits 3/8" - 1" CSST LBRACE120
GAS LFLOPPY-16-50 1" - Cut to 1 foot length - Fits 1/2" CSST LFLOPPY1650