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Image Item Code Short Description
SYM 3507-BC-X Symmons Valve/Tub Unit 3507BCX
SYM 3500-BC-LR-TRM Symmons Shower Trim 3500BCLRTRM
SYM 3502-BC-L/HD-SS-TRM Symmons Tub/Shower Trim 3502BCLHDSSTRM
SYM 3501-BC-L/HD-TRM Symmons Shower Trim 3501BCLHDTRM
SYM 3501-BC-LTM-L/HD-TRM Symmons Shower Trim 3501BCLTMLHDTRM
SYM 3501-CYL-BC-L/HD-TRM Symmons Shower Trim 3501CYLBCLHDTRM
SYM 3502-BC-CYL-L/HD-TRM Symmons Tub/Shower Trim 3502BCCYLLHDTRM
SYM 3502-BC-L/HD-TRM Symmons Tub/Shower Trim 3502BCLHDTRM
SYM 3506-H3536-CYL-B-L/HD-TRM Symmons Tub/Shower Trim 3506H3536CYLBLHDTRM
SYM 3507-BC-TRM Symmons Valve/Tub Trim 3507BCTRM
SYM NS-1 Cartridge, Control, Showeroff NS1
SYM T-35A Hot Seat Removal Tool T35A
SYM TA-4 Seats, Temptrol TA4
SYM T-35B Cold Seat Removal Tool T35B
SYM 1-50-FSB-48-R-X-CHKS-72 Safetymix Tub/Shower Unit 150FSB48RXCHKS72
SYM 1-901S-60-221 Hydapipe Unit With Showeroff 1901S60221
SYM 1-901S-T36-V Hydapipe Unit & Temptrol Valve 1901ST36V
SYM 1-911RS-56-285 Hydapipe Unit & Temptrol Valve 1911RS56285
SYM 1-912RS-FSB-56-1.5 Hydapipe Unit & Temptrol Valve 1912RSFSB5615
SYM 2DIV-LPO Diverter Unit, 3 Port 2DIVLPO
SYM 4-295-W/OWBJ-2.0 Institutional Showerhead 4295WOWBJ20
SYM 35-2DIV-CYL Dia Diverter Unit, 3 Port 352DIVCYL
SYM 41-3DIV-PNL-NS Naru Diverter Unit, 3 Outlet 413DIVPNLNS
SYM 42-3DIV-STN-NS Oxford Diverter Unit, 3 Outlet 423DIVSTNNS
SYM 53-2DIV-TRM Museo Diverter Trim 532DIVTRM
SYM 300-143 Shower Arm, Flange &Showerhead 300143
SYM 353RH Dia Robe Hook 353RH
SYM 412SH Naru Showerhead, 3 Mode 412SH
SYM 442HS-72 Carrington Hand Shower, Hose 442HS72
SYM 442W-STN Carrington Hand Shower Wand 442WSTN
SYM 3501-B-SH3-1.5 Dia Shower System 3501BSH315
SYM 3501-B-SH4-1.5 Dia Shower System 3501BSH415
SYM 3501-B-SH4 Dia Shower System 3501BSH4
SYM 3501-CYL-1.5 Dia Shower System 3501CYL15
SYM 3501-CYL-2.0 Dia Shower System 3501CYL20
SYM 3501-CYL-B-352SH-3-1.5 Dia Shower System 3501CYLB352SH315
SYM 3501-CYL-X Dia Shower System 3501CYLX
SYM 3502-B-SH2-1.5 Dia Tub/Shower Unit 3502BSH215
SYM 3502-B-SH3-T2-1.5 Dia Tub/Shower Unit 3502BSH3T215
SYM 3502-CYL-1.5 Dia Tub/Shower Unit 3502CYL15
SYM 3502-CYL-B-TRM Dia Tub/Shower Trim 3502CYLBTRM
SYM 3502-CYL-L/HD Dia Tub/Shower Unit 3502CYLLHD
SYM 3503-H321-V-48-CYL-IPS-X Dia Hand Shower System 3503H321V48CYLIPSX
SYM 3503-H321-V-48-LP-1.5 Dia Hand Shower System 3503H321V48LP15
SYM 3503-H321-V-CYL-B-L/HS-X Dia Hand Shower System 3503H321VCYLBLHSX
SYM 3505-H301-V-CYL-B-STN Dia Shower/Hand Shower Unit 3505H301VCYLBSTN
SYM 3505-H321-V-CYL-B-L/HS-X Dia Shower/Hand Shower Unit 3505H321VCYLBLHSX
SYM 3505-H321-V-CYL-B-STN-2.0 Dia Shower/Hand Shower Unit 3505H321VCYLBSTN20