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Image Item Code Short Description
KLE KL5295-6-6L Positioning Strap, 6.5-Foot with 5-Inch Snap Hook KL529566L
KLE KL5295-6L Positioning Strap, 6-Foot with 5-Inch Snap Hook KL52956L
KLE 29205 Anderson Powerpole®/APP® to 8mm DC Barrel Plug 29205
KLE KG5295-8L Positioning Strap, 8-Foot with 6-1/2-Inch Snap Hook KG52958L
KLE VDV512-110 Remote Kit for Coax Explorer® Tester VDV512110
KLE ET16 Borescope for Android® Devices ET16
KLE 29025 Modular Battery for Klein Tools Cat. No. 60155 Hard Hat Cooling Fan 29025
KLE 56116 Fiberglass Fish Tape Replacement Eyelets, 6-Pack 56116
KLE 51TOP Vinyl Bucket Top 51TOP
KLE 5268N-24D Fixed Body Belt Style 5268N 24-Inch 5268N24D
KLE 5268N-25D Fixed Body Belt Style 5268N 25-Inch 5268N25D
KLE 5268N-30D Fixed Body Belt Style 5268N 30-Inch 5268N30D
KLE 573 Replacement File Screw for 1684-5F Grip 573
KLE 63020 Multi-Cable Cutter Klein-Kurve® 63020
KLE K1412CAN Klein-Kurve® Dual NMD-90 Cable Stripper/Cutter K1412CAN
KLE KG5295-6-6L Positioning Strap, 6.5-Foot with 6-1/2-Inch Snap Hook KG529566L
KLE KG5295-6L Positioning Strap, 6-Foot with 6-1/2-Inch Snap Hook KG52956L
KLE KG5295L Positioning Strap, 5.67-Foot with 6-1/2-Inch Snap Hook KG5295L
KLE VDV226-005 Data Cable Crimping Tool for Pass-Thru™, Compact VDV226005
KLE 89 Replacement Handles for 8" to 9" Pliers 89
KLE 1019 Klein-Kurve® Wire Stripper / Crimper / Cutter Multi Tool 1019
KLE KG5295-7L Positioning Strap, 7-Foot with 6-1/2-Inch Snap Hook KG52957L
KLE KG5295-L Positioning Strap, 5.67-Foot with 6-1/2-Inch Snap Hook KG5295L
KLE K12035 Klein Kurve Heavy-Duty Wire Stripper 8-18AWG Sol, 10-20 AW K12035
KLE 626-32 KLEIN 626-32 REPLACE SHANK FOR 625-32 62632
KLE 5268N-22D Fixed Body Belt Style 5268N 22-Inch 5268N22D
KLE 5268N-26D Fixed Body Belt Style 5268N 26-Inch 5268N26D
KLE 5282N-20D Body Belt Style #5282N, 34 to 42-Inch L 5282N20D
KLE 66078 Flip Impact Socket Adapter, Large, 1/2 to 1/2-Inch 66078
KLE 69028 Replacement Thermocouple 69028
KLE BAT207T17 Replacement Blade, ACSR Cutting Head BAT207T17
KLE BAT207T18 Replacement Blade, Steel Cutting Head BAT207T18
KLE 5282N-23D Body Belt Style #5282N, 38 to 46-Inch L 5282N23D
KLE 5282N-26D Body Belt Style #5282N, 42 to 50-Inch L 5282N26D
KLE 63367 Moving Handle Set for Pre-2017 Edition Cat. No. 63060 63367
KLE 5268N-20D Fixed Body Belt Style 5268N 20-Inch 5268N20D
KLE 5268N-29D Fixed Body Belt Style 5268N 29-Inch 5268N29D
KLE 5282N-24D Body Belt Style #5282N, 40 to 48-Inch L 5282N24D
KLE 5282N-28D Body Belt Style #5282N, 45 to 53-Inch L 5282N28D
KLE 5282N-30D Body Belt Style #5282N, 47 to 55-Inch L 5282N30D
KLE 54757 Replacement Keys for Tool Kit Cases 54757
KLE 60502 Hard Hat Earmuffs, Full Brim Style 60502
KLE 66079 Flip Impact Socket Adapter, Small, 1/4 to 1/4-Inch 66079
KLE 11055-INS Insulated Klein-Kurve® Wire Stripper/Cutter 11055INS
KLE 1009 Klein-Kurve Long-Nose Wire Stripper, Wire Cutter, Crimping Tool 1009
KLE 1580-3 Klein Kurve® Skinning Knife 15803
KLE 2214ARS Klein Claw Pole Climbers with Ankle Straps 2214ARS
KLE 5266N-21D Semi-Floating Body Belt Style 5266N 21-Inch 5266N21D
KLE 5266N-25D Semi-Floating Body Belt Style 5266N 25-Inch 5266N25D