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Image Item Code Short Description
GUY 82159 Brass Qtr Turn Arrester Valves, 1/2" CPVC Conx., 2" PVC Drain Fitting 82159
WEL 82170 Guy Gray SSWB1 Stainless Steel Guy Gray WMOB 82170
WEL 82172 Guy Gray SSWB1TM Stainless Steel Guy Gray WMOB 82172
WEL 82347 Guy Gray TT200TPABSS Guy Gray Dual Outlet ABS SwtQt 82347
WEL 82307 Guy Gray SSWB2TM Stainless Steel Guy Gray WMOB 82307
WEL 88158 Guy Gray BIM875AB Guy Gray IM Box Lead Free Vlv 88158
WEL 82343 Guy Gray TT200TPPVCS Guy Gray Dual Outlet PVC SwtQt 82343
WEL 82171 Guy Gray SSWB2 Stainless Steel Guy Gray WMOB 82171
WEL 97119 Guy Gray 97119 Brass/CPVC Adapter - Guy Gray 97119
WEL 97100 Guy Gray TT200BX TT200 Box Only - Guy Gray 97100
WEL 97118 Guy Gray 97118 Brass Pex Adapter - Guy Gray 97118
IPS 88510 Guy Gray BIM875QTSAB Lead Free Guy Gray IMOB w/Qtr 88510
IPS 82472 Guy Gray DLWB1 Guy Gray Dual Lever Laundry Bx 82472
WEL 89284 Guy Gray 89284 Face Plate for Guy Gray Dual 89284
IPS 88514 Guy Gray BIM877QTPAB Lead Free Guy Gray IM Box Pex 88514
WEL 82147 Guy Gray T200TPABSQT WMOB W/2"Drain & Qtr.Trn Valvs 82147
WEL 82033 Guy Gray BE200 WMOB W/2" DRAIN AND VALVES 82033
WEL 82026 Guy Gray B150 WMOB W/1.5" DRAIN AND VALVES 82026
WEL 82030 Guy Gray FB150 WMOB W/1.5" DRAIN AND VALVES 82030
WEL 82159 Guy Gray T200TPCPVCHA WMOB W/2"Drain/QtrTrn CPVC 82159
WEL 82174 Guy Gray SSDB1 Stn Stl Drn Box Only No Vls 82174
WEL 82378 Guy Gray FR12WHACP FR WMOB w/Wirsbo Arrester CP 82378
WEL 82379 Guy Gray FR12SSHA FR WMOB w/Sweat Single/Arrestr 82379
WEL 82456 Guy Gray FRAAV12 FR AAV Box w/Cover Grill 82456
WEL 82346 Guy Gray TT200TPABS GG Dual Outlet ABS Domst Swt 82346
WEL 82035 Guy Gray NWBED2004 WMOB W/2" DRAIN AND VALVES 82035
WEL 82048 Guy Gray WB200HA WMOB W/2" Drain & Single Lever 82048
WEL 82158 Guy Gray T200TPPVCHA WMOB W/2"Drain/QtrTrn Hammer 82158
WEL 82161 Guy Gray MWB21 Center Drn Metal WMOB W/Solder 82161
WEL 82184 Guy Gray MWB23 Reversible Metal Box w/Wirsbo 82184
WEL 82411 Guy Gray FRIB12ABC FR IMOB Lead Free CPVC Valve 82411
WEL 82423 Guy Gray FRIB12ABWHA FR IMOB Lead Free Wirsbo 82423
WEL 82573 Guy Gray FRM12W MTL FR WMOB w/Wirsbo QtrTrn Vl 82573
WEL 82595 Guy Gray FRM12DS MTL FR WMOB w/Domestic Sweat 82595
WEL 81974 Guy Gray B200X WMOB w/2" Drain w/Pex Valve 81974
WEL 82154 Guy Gray MWB19 Center Drn Metal WMOB W/Solder 82154
WEL 82377 Guy Gray FR12WHA FR WMOB w/Wirsbo QtrArrstr Vlv 82377
WEL 82415 Guy Gray FRIB12ABW FR IMOB Lead Free Wirsbo Vlv 82415
WEL 82427 Guy Gray DB4D Dryer Box / 2 x 6 / Downward 82427
WEL 82579 Guy Gray FRM12PS MTL FR WMOB w/Pex SnglLvr Vlv 82579
WEL 82581 Guy Gray FRM12WS MTL FR WMOB w/Wirsbo SnglLvr V 82581
WEL 88133 Guy Gray MIB1AB Metal IceMaker Box Lead Free 88133
WEL 81975 Guy Gray B200C WMOB w/2" Drain w/CPVC Valve 81975
WEL 82036 Guy Gray BB200TS WMOB W/2" DRAIN AND VALVES 82036
WEL 82122 Guy Gray MWB13 Center Drn Metal WMOB W/Solder 82122
WEL 82134 Guy Gray T150LV WMOB W/1.5" DRAIN LESS VALVES 82134
WEL 82140 Guy Gray T200LV WMOB W/2" DRAIN LESS VALVES 82140
WEL 82148 Guy Gray MWB16 Reversible Metal WMOB W/Solder 82148