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Image Item Code Short Description
COI MR140MB Regulator Mounting Bracket & Nut MR140MB
COI YB60504Y Yellow Belly PVC Hybrid Hose, 3/8" ID x 50', 1/4" MPT YB60504Y
COI 9000-24S Coilhose Cannon 24"Safety Extension 900024S
COI 9000-48MJ Coilhose Cannon Multi-Jet 48" Extension 900048MJ
COI 9000-48S Coilhose Cannon 48" Safety Extension 900048S
COI 9000-MJ Coilhose Cannon Multi-Jet Blow Gun 9000MJ
COI ATL004W Air Tool Lubricant, Winter Grade, 4 oz. (12 Pack) ATL004W
COI ATL128W Air Tool Lubricant, Winter Grade, 128 oz. (4 Pack) ATL128W
COI 9000-S Coilhose Cannon 2" Safety Extension 9000S
COI ATL016W Air Tool Lubricant, Winter Grade, 16 oz. (12 Pack) ATL016W
COI 3003-DL 3 Port Aluminum Manifold, 3/8" In x 1/4" Out, Display 3003DL
COI 150USE-D12 5-in-1 Automatic Safety Exhaust Coupler Display, (12 Pack) 150USED12
COI HFN-11M-DL Chrome Plated Brass High Flow Tip HFN11MDL
COI L14RN Lock-On Hose Reel, 1/4" ID L14RN
COI R140 1/4" Regulator, General Purpose Series R140
COI R380 3/8" Regulator, General Purpose Series R380
COI 26FC3-CS 3/8" Integral Filter/Regulator, Display 26FC3CS
COI 50038 3/8" In-Line High Capacity Lubricator 50038
COI 26FC2 1/4" Integral Filter/Regulator 26FC2
COI 26G-160-DL 1 1/2" Dial Gauge 0-160 PSI, 1/8" Back Mount, Display 26G160DL
COI 27L4 1/2" NPT Lubricator 27L4
COI 27L6-S 3/4" Lubricator w/ Metal Bowl, Sight Glass 27L6S
COI 27R3-G 3/8" Regulator w/ Gauge 27R3G
COI 608-S Safety Blow Gun w/ 8" Extension 608S
COI 700-S Pistol Grip Safety Blow Gun 700S
COI 770-S Variable Control Pistol Grip Blow Gun 770S
COI 1602 1/4" Automotive Connector, 1/4" FPT 1602
COI 1603LF-DL 1/4" Automotive Int FilterPlug, 3/8" MPT, Display 1603LFDL
COI 3043 4 Port Aluminum Manifold, 3/8" In x 1/4" Out 3043
COI 8800-60 2" Dial Gauge, 1/4 Back Mount, 0-60 PSI 880060
COI 8802K 1/4" Regulator Tamperproof 8802K
COI 8804GL 1/2" Regulator w/ Gauge, 0-60 PSI 8804GL
COI 8806 3/4" Regulator 8806
COI 8826-7 3/4" & 1" 40 Element 88267
COI 8846M 3/4" Lubricator w/ Metal Bowl 8846M
COI 8864AAG 1/2" Filter/Regulator Duo 8864AAG
COI B20402 Reducer Bushing, 1/4" MPT x 1/8" FPT B20402
COI C0604 Hex Adapter, 3/8" FPT x 1/4" MPT C0604
COI CL620404 Coilock Union, 1/4" OD CL620404
COI CL690202S Coilock Male Swivel Elbow, 1/8" OD x 1/8" MPT CL690202S
COI CL690608S Coilock Male Swivel Elbow, 3/8" OD x 1/2" MPT CL690608S
COI CL720402S Coilock Swivel Branch Tee, 1/4" OD x 1/8" MPT CL720402S
COI CL31060606 Coilock Union, 6 mm CL31060606
COI CN06 Coiled Hose Nut, 3/8" ID CN06
COI FR0404 Rigid Hose Barb, 1/4" ID x 1/4" FPT FR0404
COI GFRM0604SR 3/8 x 1/4 MPT GilaFlex Rigid Reusable Fitting, With Strain Relief GFRM0604SR
COI MF2 1/4" Miniature Filter MF2
COI MFC2-X 1/4" Mini Integral, 5 Element MFC2X
COI MT006 Male Run Tee, 3/8" FPT x 3/8" MPT MT006