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Image Item Code Short Description
EIKO 30R20/FL-130V 30W 130V Flood R20 Medium Base
EIKO 41306 **2BD** 6V 30W T-8 DC Bayonet Base
EIKO 4515 **2BD** 6.4V 30W PAR36 MP (Slip-On and Screw Terminal)
EIKO 64260 **2BD** 12V 30W T-3 Special PG22 Base
EIKO BLC 120V 30W S-11 BA15d Base
EIKO EKZ 10.8V 30W MR16 GX5.3 Base
EIKO JC12V30W 30W 12V T-3 G4 Base
SYL 22060 FO30/835/XP/SS/ECO3
SYL 22062 FO30/841/XP/SS/ECO3
SYL 22063 FO30/830/XP/SS/ECO3
SYL 23701 F30T8/WW