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Image Item Code Short Description
SPE RPG05-0945 Speakman Repair Part RPG05-0945 Cold Cartridge for SB-1621
SPE RPG05-0946 Speakman Repair Part RPG05-0946 Hot Cartridge for SB-1621
SPE RPG05-106295 Speakman Repair Part RPG05-106295 Waterslide Cartridge
SPE RPG05-1109 TP Cartridge Assembly Repair Part
SPE RPG05-1110 Trim and Rubber Sleeves Repair Group
SPE RPG05-1112 SB-2401 Cartridge/Retaining Nut
SPE RPG05-1113 Slim Aerator 1.2 GPM Repair Group
SPE RPG05-1115 Thermostatic & O-Ring Repair Kit
SPE RPG05-1118 SB-2421-1/4 Turn Valve, Med, Hot
SPE RPG05-1119 SB-2421-1/4 Turn Valve, Med, Cold
SPE RPG05-40005-BN Speakman Repair Part RPG05-40005-BN Aerator 1.2gpm for SB-1003-BN
SPE RPG05-40052 Aerator Assembly 1.2 for SB-1311-PC
SPE RPG05-40054 Speakman Repair Part RPG05-40054 Aerator Assembly 1.2 for SB-1111/1121-PC
SPE RPG05-40054-BN Aerator Assembly 1.2 for SB-1111/1121-BN
SPE RPG20-2055 SB-2421 Hot End Body Assembly Repair Group
SPE RPG20-2056 SB-2421 Cold End Body Assembly Repair Group
SPE RPG24-0135 SB-2421 Tee Assembly Repair Group
SPE RPG41-0286 TP Index Plate Repair Group
SPE RPG63-0103 Flex Hose Assembly 8" for SB-2421


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