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Image Item Code Short Description
LNL GC81011 LockNLube Grease Coupler. Includes spare seal kit
LNL GC81042 LockNLube Grease Coupler XL. Includes spare seal kit
LNL GB17 Grease Buster – Shop Size
LNL LNL252 Professional Pistol-Grip Grease Gun
LNL LNL122 Narrow Needle Nose Dispenser
LNL LNL151 Heavy Duty Lever Grease Gun Kit. (Green)
LNL GC81012 Spare seal kit. Compatible with either GC81011 or GC81042
LNL LNL210 Quick-Connect Accessory Kit
LNL LNL231 In-line Grease Hose Swivel
LNL LNL121 90° Grease Coupler
LNL LNL134 50 Grease Fitting Caps (Yellow)
LNL LNL123 Grease Injector Needle
LNL LNL120 90° Grease Coupler Adapter
LNL LNL133 Heavy-Duty Grease Gun Holder
LNL LNL127 Seal-off Grease Adapter
LNL GB18 Grease Buster – Pneumatic Piston
LNL LNL141 Grease Fitting Sets – SAE
LNL GB19 Grease Buster – Hose Extension
LNL LNL142 Grease Fitting Sets – Metric
LNL LNL220 Magnetic Grease Fitting Relocation Block
LNL GC80142 LockNLube Grease Coupler XL. Includes spare seal kit
LNL GG80004 G.Gun Grease Gun, includes G.Gun Grease Scoop
LNL LNL124 Grease Fitting Multi-Tool – small
LNL LNL125 Grease Fitting Multi-Tool – large
LNL LNL126 Quick-Connect Grease Hose Adaptor
LNL LNL128 Recessed Fitting Adapter
LNL LNL132 Grease Fitting Thread Tester
LNL LNL143 Complete Grease Fitting Replacement Kit
LNL LNL153 Pistol Grip Grease Gun Kit. (Green)
LNL LNL161-165 Grease Gun Barrel Caps (inc. coupler cap)
LNL LNL261 Dual-Mode Pneumatic Grease Gun


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