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Image Item Code Short Description
LNL GC81011 LockNLube Grease Coupler. Includes spare seal kit
LNL GC81042 LockNLube Grease Coupler XL. Includes spare seal kit
LNL LNL252 Professional Pistol-Grip Grease Gun
LNL GB17 Grease Buster – Shop Size
LNL LNL122 Narrow Needle Nose Dispenser
LNL LNL151 Heavy Duty Lever Grease Gun Kit. (Green)
LNL LNL210 Quick-Connect Accessory Kit
LNL LNL121 90° Grease Coupler
LNL GC81012 Spare seal kit. Compatible with either GC81011 or GC81042
LNL LNL123 Grease Injector Needle
LNL LNL134 50 Grease Fitting Caps (Yellow)
LNL LNL231 In-line Grease Hose Swivel
LNL LNL127 Seal-off Grease Adapter
LNL LNL141 Grease Fitting Sets – SAE
LNL LNL120 90° Grease Coupler Adapter
LNL LNL142 Grease Fitting Sets – Metric
LNL GB18 Grease Buster – Pneumatic Piston
LNL GB19 Grease Buster – Hose Extension
LNL GC80142 LockNLube Grease Coupler XL. Includes spare seal kit
LNL GG80004 G.Gun Grease Gun, includes G.Gun Grease Scoop
LNL LNL124 Grease Fitting Multi-Tool – small
LNL LNL125 Grease Fitting Multi-Tool – large
LNL LNL126 Quick-Connect Grease Hose Adaptor
LNL LNL128 Recessed Fitting Adapter
LNL LNL132 Grease Fitting Thread Tester
LNL LNL133 Heavy-Duty Grease Gun Holder
LNL LNL143 Complete Grease Fitting Replacement Kit
LNL LNL153 Pistol Grip Grease Gun Kit. (Green)
LNL LNL161-165 Grease Gun Barrel Caps (inc. coupler cap)
LNL LNL220 Magnetic Grease Fitting Relocation Block
LNL LNL261 Dual-Mode Pneumatic Grease Gun


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