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Image Item Code Short Description
NOR SBH9490 Water Servo - Bypass (SET)
NOR SKD7441 Fan Motor w/ Housing - Multiple Units
NOR 3223302 O-Ring - High Temp P16
NOR HKPD005 Water Servo - Main (SET)
NOR SBC7703 Thermal Fuse - Multiple Units
NOR SBH9491 Water Servo -Main (SET)
NOR CK-61 Natural Gas to Propane Conv Kit for NR501-OD
NOR BWCH003 Thermistor - Air
NOR CK-74 CB - Gas Conversion Kit (CB199LP)
NOR EHKL001 Gasket - Ignition Plug
NOR SKG7019 Heat Exchanger Kit (NR98-DVC) (SET) w/ drain tee in flue
NOR SV-CK-3 3” SV Conversion Kit (required for DV to SV conversion)
NOR BJVD024-B O-Ring - Water Gasket on Outlet of Heat Exchanger
NOR CBFUSE Circuit Board Fuse
NOR CK-18 Natural Gas to Propane Conv Kit for N-0751M-DVC
NOR CK-21 Propane to Natural Gas Conv Kit for N-0841MC-DV
NOR CK-32 Conversion Kits-NRC98-DV- Natural Gas to Propane
NOR CK-40 Natural Gas to Propane Conv Kit for NR71-SV-NR71-OD
NOR CK-57 Natural to Propane Gas Conv Kit for NRC661
NOR CK-69 NRCP - Gas Conversion kit (NG) 1112
NOR CK-71 CB - Gas Conversion Kit (CB180NG)
NOR CVK-H Noritz Concentric Vent Kit - Standard Horizontal
NOR DLKL012-B Gasket - Ignition Plug, Flame Rod, Burner Sensor
NOR DUVD019-B Water Flow Sensor w/ thermistor (SET)
NOR EGBD032 Water Filter
NOR EGGD029 Safety Relief Valve
NOR ELVD001 Pipe - Inlet to Bypass Servo
NOR EMUJ004 Igniter
NOR ETFD010 Water Servo - Bypass (SET)
NOR H2F H2Flow Anti-Scale System
NOR IK-WV-200-1-TH-LF IK-WV-200-1-TH-LF
NOR RC-7651M Remote Controller
NOR SAB2715 Gasket - Ignition Plug
NOR SBC7684-B Ignition Plug w/ Gasket
NOR SBC7685-B Flame Rod w/ Gasket
NOR SBC7686 Manifold Plate 16 (SET)
NOR SBE7833-B Gas Valve - Multiple Units
NOR SKG7311 Ignition Plug w/ Gasket
EGBD032 Water Filter
NOR 0700757 Remote Controller Wire Throughway
NOR 1155105-B O-Ring - High Temp P22
NOR 1322109-B O-Ring - High Temp P24
NOR 1323709-B O-Ring - Thermistor High Temp P4
NOR 1326503 O-Ring - P11C
NOR 1326708 O-Ring - High Temp P14
NOR 1648306 O-Ring - Gas Valve Bottom
NOR 1735705-B Wind Pressure Switch
NOR 1849603 O-Ring Lube
NOR 2100908 O-Ring - Back Pressure Tube P4
NOR 2110903 O-Ring - Gas P18


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