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Image Item Code Short Description
DIX L08 8" Painted Light Wt Cplg, EPDM Gskt Ductile Iron (#7000-G800E)
DIX ANSI80 8" Ductile Iron ANSI Split Flange w/EPDM Gasket, (8) 3/4" Bolt Holes
DIX C18 8" Painted Std Coupling w/EPDM Gskt Ductile Iron, #7001-G800E
DIX C18BU 8" Painted Std Coupling w/Buna Gskt Ductile Iron, #7001-G800T
DIX CFS800-1CS 8" Crimp Style Short Frac Ferrule CS (8-29/64" to 8-36/64" OD)
DIX L08BU 8" Painted Light Wt Cplg, Buna Gskt Ductile Iron (#7000-G800T)
DIX R78 8" Ridgelok Coupling w/EPDM Gskt Galv Ductile Iron (#7400-G800E)
DIX R78BU 8" Ridgelok Coupling w/Buna Gskt Galv Ductile Iron (#7400-G800T)