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Image Item Code Short Description
OET 16700020-2500 Crimp, Stepless Ear SS Hose Clamp, 15.3-18.5mm
OET 13900176 Oetiker HO 2000 ME Pincer Head
OET 13900177 Oetiker HO 3000 ME Pincer Head
OET 13900932 Oetiker HO 2000 ME Pistol Grip Pincer Head
OET 14100280 Oetiker Rachet Pincer With Assist Lever
OET 14100407 Oetiker HCC2000/407 Ear Clamp Cutter
OET 14100418 Oetiker Radial Tube Cutter
OET 14100426 Oetiker Single Action Long Handle Pincer
OET 16707872-2000 Oetiker 1/2" Stepless Ear Clamp Crimp Ring 17.5mm 16707872


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