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KSCdirect Part #: WAT 0888990
Description: WPHR-1 G
MFG Part #: 0888990
UPC: 098268151886
Supplier: Watts Regulator Company
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Size(s) :
Various sizes/models
Series WattsRock Enclosures are designed primarily for the irrigation market and fit 3/4 to 2 in. (20 to 50mm) backflow assemblies and pressure vacuum breakers. WattsRock is available in two natural stone shades: Slate Grey and Earthtone Brown. Options include: WattsRock shell only, WattsRock shell with insulation and WattsRock shell with insulation and heat.


Specification Sheet

Models/UPC Codes

UPCPart # Description
0982681331890888985WPLRN-1 B Brown PolyRock shell
0982681331960888986WPLR-1 B Brown PolyRock less heat
0982681332020888987WPHR-1 B Brown PolyRock with heat
0982681518620888988WPLRN-1 G Grey PolyRock shell only
0982681518790888989WPLR-1 G Grey PolyRock less heat
0982681518860888990WPHR-1 G Grey PolyRock with heat
0982681859110888991WPLRN-2 B Brown PolyRock shell
0982681859280888992WPLRN-2 G Grey PolyRock shell
0982681859350888993WPLR-2 B Brown PolyRock less heat
0982681859420888994WPLR-2 G Grey PolyRock less heat
0982681859730888995WPHR-2 B Brown PolyRock with heat
0982681859800888996WPHR-2 G Grey PolyRock with heat

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Model WPHR-1-G
Size 3/4" to 1"
Manufacturer Watts Regulator Company