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KSCdirect Part #: VAN 18050
Description: Digital thermostat, V: 24
MFG Part #: 18050
UPC: 691514180502
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Viega 18050 - Digital Thermostat - 3 Wire, 3-Wire,

Heres how radiant works: ViegaPEXBarrier tubing is looped ether above or below the subfloor and/or behind the walls. When warm water circulates through the tubing, heat radiates through the floor and all surrounding objects.
Viega offers many innovative products designed specifically for residential- new construction applications, residential - retrofit applications, and commercial applications.
Viega is the only manufacturer who offers the ProRadiant Climate Panel system suitable to go under any type of floor covering hardwood, carpet, tile or vinyl eliminating the need for obtrusive baseboards or vents on the floor or walls. Both of these attributes make decorating easy. With a radiant system vs. a forced air heating system, less dust is produced. This reduces the need to dust the house as often, and is welcome news to allergy sufferers.
Viega ProRadiant ViegaPEX Barrier can also be installed in concrete slab and thin-slab concrete applications. Viega also offers a product called S-No-Ice that will keep driveways and sidewalks snow and ice-free throughout the winter.
Our newest radiant offering is the Climate Mat system. The Climate Mat system enables installers to do large areas of flooring faster and more efficiently than traditional tubing layout methods.
When Viega says System Solutions Provider, it is true. ProRadiant solutions go beyond the pipe with a variety of controls, manifolds, mixing stations and fittings that work together to create a radiant heating system. These components function as a system to provide the right amount of heat in the right places at the right time.
At installation time, Viega recommends choosing a licensed plumber with experience installing radiant applications. To find a radiant specialist in your area call 1-877-843-4262.

Features and Benefits:

• Energy Efficient
• Viega ProRadiant floor heating saves energy because it is efficient, compared to forced air or baseboard systems. With forced-air systems, the idea is to blast enough warm air into a room to heat the entire area. On the other hand, radiant floor heating uses warm water that is constantly circulating in the floor providing heat right where it is needed, rather than wasting it up at the ceiling. Since radiant does not heat the air, you do not lose energy with air leaks at windows and doors throughout the house. According to the Radiant Panel Association, you can save 10 to 30 percent on your monthly heating bills. Other studies have also shown PEX piping used in radiant applications wastes less energy and water than alternative metal pipe systems. This is true because PEX serves as a good insulator and has thicker walls than metal pipes.
• Forced Air Or Baseboard Heating Systems
• Did you know that there is an ideal body temperature each of us is trying to achieve? This temperature is 85 and studies show we want our feet to be warm and our heads to be cool. This is exactly what the Viega ProRadiant system delivers forced air is the opposite. You deserve a system that makes sense and provides the most comfort possible radiant.
• ViegaPEX
• What is PEX? PEX is cross-linked polyethylene. In other words, it is a type of plastic pipe created when links are formed between polyethylene molecules while the pipe is being manufactured. As a result of this linking process, the ViegaPEX Barrier tubing and FostaPEX tubing used for plumbing and radiant applications is more durable under temperature extremes or chemical attack. These attributes make ViegaPEX ideal for both drinking water and hot water applications like radiant heat.


• Dimension: 3


Model 2874.5US
Size 24
Connection V