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Used Fluid Handling Accessories

Used Fluid Handling Accessories
Waste Oil Drum 338550 Waste Oil Drum Details
16-gallon drum has 2" NPTF opening on top and side of container to
allow convenient use of adapter kit (338555).
Drum Adapter Kit 338555 Drum Adapter Kit Details
Used to adapt bottom drain drums for use with oil evacuation pumps.
Used with hose kit (338554). Included items: Bushing, 3/4" Ball Valve,
Elbow and Cam Lock Adapter
Evacuation Valve
338556 Evacuation Valve
This dual valve provides simultaneous control of the air line to the
oil evacuation pump and the suction line from the pump with one valve
handle. The inlet and outlet of both valves is 1/2" NPTF(f) pipe
Suction Tube
338558 Suction Tube
Used to evacuate rolling pit drains. Tube includes a connector for
attaching to the evacuation hose (338814-15) used with the suction
wand kit (338557). A built-in strainer prevents large particles from
entering the evacuation pump.
Tank Sentry
340078 Tank Sentry
This valve is used to prevent used oil spills caused by overfilling
storage tanks. It is used in conjunction with a used oil evacuation
pump. Operating air to the evacuation pump passes through the valve.
When the storage tank is full, a float on the valve rises and the air
supply to the pump is cut off.
Suction Wand Kit 338557 Suction Wand Kit Details
Evacuation hose has a 1/2" NPTF(m) pipe thread end for connecting to
the evacuation valve (338556).
Images Product # Description Used for Drain Weight
6619-A 10' Drain hose 7140, 7141 Highly Recommended N/A
320310 2" Thread drain adapter 7682-4 Highly Recommended N/A
338554 Evacuation hose kit with 3/4" x 6' hose and ball valve cam lock
8586, 8586-A Optional N/A
338577 1/2" NPT strainer Any Optional .3 lb.
338685 3/4" NPT strainer Any Optional .2 lb.
339683 1" in-line NPT strainer Any Optional N/A

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