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KSCdirect Part #: SPE 330-100210
Description: 6 PVC 11-1/4 ELL GASKET CL125
MFG Part #: 330-100210
UPC: 054211611685
Supplier: Spears
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Part Number: 330-100090
Size: 6
Box Qty: 1
Weight Lbs: 3.77
Weight gm: 1,710.00
 Weight Kg: 1.71
Prod Code 360
Bsh/Fab/Mld: Molded
Description: 6 PVC COUP GASKET CL125

Keywords: SPEARS SPE 330-100210 SPEARS MFG. COMPANY 6 PVC 11-1/4 ELL GSKT CL125

Product group: 360 - CL125 IPS (SDR32.5) FAB FTGS

E: EPDM O-ring

ELL: ellbow or elbow
PVC Fittings & Components PVC Class 125 IPS Fabricated Fittings


Connection Gasket x Gasket Class 125
Manufacturer Spears

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