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KSCdirect Part #: NIB T5857066HC 1/2
Description: T5857066HC 1/2 W/ 3/4 HOSE CAP CHAIN
MFG Part #: NL958H6
UPC: 039923797926
Supplier: NIBCO INC
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NIBCO NL958H6 - 24/BRZ BALL T5857066HC 1/2 W/ 3/4 HOSE CAP CHAIN

The NIBCO bronze ball valve is equipped with reinforced PTFE seat ring and stainless steel stem and ball. The valve features a threaded end connection and hose connection with a hose cap and chain attached.
The NIBCO two-piece valve is ideal for commercial and light industrial applications that require garden hose connections for drainage purposes. The bronze ball valve provides ease of operation with quarter-turn (90 degrees) open to close, and bubble-tight shutoff at 600 psi. Please refer to NIBCO technical data sheet, valve selection guides and catalog for engineering and installation information. Choose NIBCO ball valves for the most specified, versatile and economical valve option in commercial, mechanical and industrial applications. NIBCO ball valves are backed by the NIBCO INC. 5-year 125% limited warranty.


• Valve pressure rating 600 psi 41.4 bar non-shock cold working pressure
• Max temperature rating 400F
• Full port
• Stainless steel ball and stem
• Blowout-proof stem
• Standard lever handle
• Threaded NPT x hose end connections with cap and chain
• Dezincification resistant
• Conforms to MSS SP-110
• Size range " and "


Size 1/2"
Handle Type CS Standard Lever Handle
Manufacturer Nibco Inc