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KSCdirect Part #: KUR T341AH200X100
Description: T341AH - 270 PSI Chlorobutyl Steam Hose, Red Cover
MFG Part #: T341AH200X100
UPC: 82235316668
Supplier: Kuriyama of America Inc.
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Brand Name Kuriyama
Part Number T341AH200X100
Inside Diameter 2 inches
Outside Diameter 2.640 inches

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Alfagomma® Rubber Hose & Kuriyama Industrial Rubber Air/Water & Push-On Hoses > Industrial Rubber Hose > Steam Industrial Rubber Hoses > T341AH - 270 PSI Chlorobutyl Steam Hose, Red Cover > Item # T341AH200X100

Item # T341AH200X100, T341AH - 270 PSI Chlorobutyl Steam Hose, Red Cover

The transfer of saturated and superheated steam up to 270 PSI and max 430 °F (+220 °C) in shipyards, chemical plants and industrial applications.
Proper draining of steam hose after each use will increase service life.
Not recommended for washdown applications where detergent or oils are present.

Red or black EPDM – heat-resistant. Wrapped cover fabric impression. Pin-pricked cover to allow venting.

High tensile steel wire braids

Black extruded CIIR – heat-resistant.
Not for steam cleaner use.

Working Pressure
Constant Pressure – 18 Bar (270 PSI)

Temperature Range
-40°F (-40°C) to 430°F (+220°C)


Standard Length
50 or 100 feet

Handling steam is very hazardous. If it is not properly controlled it can cause property damage, injury or even death. Selection for the proper application, usage, and maintenance will not only increase hose life but will insure safe operation for the user.

2.000 in50.80 mm
2.640 in67.0 mm
100 ft
Max Rec. WP
270 psi
Min. Bending Radius
at 68°F
20 in
Industrial Rubber Hose
Chlorobutyl Steam Hose
Medium Temperature [Min]
-40 ºF-40 ºC
Medium Temperature [Max]
430 ºF220 ºC
1.44 lbs/ft
Care, Maintenance, and Storage

Hose has a limited life and the user must be alert to signs of impending failure, particularly when the conditions of service include high working pressures and/or the conveyance or containment of hazardous materials,


Hose should not be subjected to any form of abuse in service. It should be handled with reasonable care. Hoses should not be dragged over sharp or abrasive surfaces unless specifically designed for such service. Care should be taken to protect hose from severe end loads for which the hose or hose assembly were not designed. Hose should be used at or below its rated working pressure; any changes in pressure should be made gradually so as to not subject the hose to excessive surge pressures. Hose should not be kinked or be run over by equipment. In handling large size hose, dollies should be used whenever possible; slings or handling rigs, properly placed, should be used to support heavy hose used in oil suction and dis charge service.


Rubber hose products in storage can be affected adversely by temperature, humidity, ozone, sunlight, oils, solvents, corrosive liquids and fumes, in sects, rodents and radioactive materials.

The appropriate method for storing hose depends to a great extent on its size (diameter and length), the quantity to be stored, and the way in which it is packaged. Hose should not be piled or stacked to such an extent that the weight of the stack creates distortions on the lengths stored at the bot tom. Since hose products vary considerably in size, weight, and length, it is not practical to establish definite recommendations on this point. Hose having a very light wall will not support as much load as could a hose having a heavier wall or hose having a wire reinforcement. Hose which is shipped in coils or bales should be stored so that the coils are in a horizontal plane.

Whenever feasible, rubber hose products should be stored in their original shipping containers, especially when such containers are wooden crates or cardboard cartons which provide some protection against the deteriorating effects of oils, solvents, and corrosive liquids; shipping containers also afford some protection against ozone and sunlight.

Certain rodents and insects will damage rubber hose products, and ad equate protection from them should be provided.

The ideal temperature for the storage of rubber products ranges from 50° to 70°F (10-20°C) with a maximum limit of 100°F (38°C). If stored below 32°F (0°C), some rubber products become stiff and would require warming before being placed in service. Rubber products should not be stored near sources of heat, such as radiators, base heaters, etc., nor should they be stored under conditions of high or low humidity.

To avoid the adverse effects of high ozone concentration, rubber hose products should not be stored near electrical equipment that may generate ozone or be stored for any lengthy period in geographical areas of known high ozone concentration. Exposure to direct or reflected sunlight - even through windows - should also be avoided. Uncovered hose should not be stored under fluorescent or mercury lamps which generate light waves harmful to rubber.

Storage areas should be relatively cool and dark, and free of dampness and mildew. Items should be stored on a first-in, first-out basis, since even under the best conditions, an unusually long shelf life could deteriorate certain rubber products.

Coupling Suggestions

Steel or malleable iron male insert NPT or female ground joint or washer type with spuds attached with 2 or 4 bolt interlocking clamps.

Kuriyama offers a full line of ground joint couplings and clamps. Refer to current Kuriyama-Couplings™ and Accessories Catalog for type and pricing.
Universal quick-acting couplings should not be used with steam hose.


TYPE T341AH200
Manufacturer Kuriyama of America Inc.

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