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KSCdirect Part #: GAT 308-33672
Description: Gatorade 308-33672 6 Gal Riptide Rush Powder Drink Mix 14-51 Oz Pkg
MFG Part #: 308-33672
Supplier: Gatorade
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Mix & drink" premeasured drink powder pouches provide an excellent value to sports teams,
recreation groups & anyone who might need to keep a gallon or more on hand. Enjoy the
same delicious, refreshing flavors you've come to love. The Thirst Quencher delivers a fun
way to accelerate your rehydration process. At the same time, this sports drink replenishes
important electrolytes, helping to keep you performing at your peak. Beverage Type: Flavored
Sports Drink; Flavor: Riptide Rush; Packing Type: Packet; Capacity (Weight): 51 oz.


Manufacturer Gatorade

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