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KSCdirect Part #: GAT 46511452
Description: 32EFG3KXCTN
MFG Part #: 46511452
UPC: 770075331872
Supplier: Gates Corporation - Hydraulics
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Recommended For
Extremely high-pressure, high-impulse applications. Exceeds all requirements for ISO 18752 Grade D, SAE 100R12, EN 856 R12, and performance requirements of EN 856 4SP, and ISO 3862 Type R12. Compatible with biodegradable hydraulic fluids like polyolester, polyglycol and vegetable oil as well as standard petroleum-based fluids. Available in 121' through 200' continuous lengths.

Extremely High Pressure

Additional Item Reference
32EFG3KXCTN, 71058
71058 32EFG3KXCTN
Hydraulics -> Hydraulic Hose -> EFG3K Spiral Wire Hose - SAE 100R12
Automotive Hydraulics -> Hydraulic Hose -> EFG3K Spiral Wire Hose - SAE 100R12
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Product ID Product Name
 46510537  70588 32G3KXCTN
 46510607  70366 32C12XCTN


Category Hydraulic Hose
Hose I.D. (in) 2
Hose O.D. (in) 2.63
Hose Outer Diameter 2.63
Manufacturer Gates Corporation - Hydraulics
Minimum Bend Radius (in) 12.5
Size 2"

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