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KSCdirect Part #: DIA XLO-13548-114P
Description: 520XLO RIV 114P
MFG Part #: XLO-13548-114P
UPC: 716647575985
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Diamond Chain XLO-13548-114P
Powersports Chain:
Diamonds Powersports chains are designed to meet the individual needs of the powersports enthusiast for ATVs, go-karts, motorcycles and snowmobiles.
Multi-Service chains, Duralube chains and RING LEADER O-ring chains each offer specicial functional advantages for your street, farm, track or trail applications.
MULTI-SERVICE chains though referred to as standard chain are anything but. Multi-Service chains offer Diamonds superior manufacturing parts processing
technology which includes material selection, precise component fabrication, exacting heat treatment and assembly techniques.

DURALUBE chains eliminate hit or miss lubrication.
This chain is constructed using a one-piece powdered metal bushing/roller combination which has lubricant drawn in under vacuum.
In service, this lubricant is released and provides supplemental lubrication to the pin/bushing joint between regularly scheduled maintenance.

RING LEADER O-ring chains are top of the line chains offering allowable working loads that provide extra load carrying capability and up to four times the service life
of regular chains. O-ring lubrication system seals in lubricant and seals out foreign contaminants.

Appearance options on some models include:
Brass Plated chains for the ashy high-end gold look shine and rust resistant nish.Nickel Plated chains for the classy chrome or silver look shine and rust resistant finish.
Standard steel chains for the back to basics look."


Chain Pitch 5/8"
Roller Diameter 0.4
Roller Width 1/4"
Construction Rivited
Pin Diameter 0.214
Link Plate Thickness 0.094
Type Rivited