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KSCdirect Part #: CAD SFCLT
Description: Seismic Lighting Fixture Clamp, One Standard Tapered 2' x 4' Fixture, 2PK
UPC: 78285651938
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Seismic Fixture Lighting Clamp (set of 4) for one standard tapered 2 x 4
light fixture

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North America SFCLT
Latin America SFCLT

Application Information

* The CADDY SFCLT Seismic Fixture Clamps attach fixtures securely
to the ceiling frame member. This set of reinforcing clamps is
designed to prevent the T-bar from twisting and disconnecting at
the T-Bar intersections in a seismic event. The reusable clamps
also helps prevent the fixture from separating from the T-bar
framework. They will withstand the force of a standard fire hose.
The CADDY SFCLT family of fixture clamps consists of connectors
for 2 x 4 and 2 x 2 light fixtures, as well as for end-to-end
and side-by-side connections of light fixtures and for
reinforcement of T-Bar main runner joints. In addition, they can
be used to secure 2 x 2 air diffusers. Each reusable clamp is
secured to the fixture and the T-Bar with two screws.Use of the
clamps eliminates the need for two slack wires. The rated load of
the CADDY SFCLT is 10 times the weight of a standard 30-lb light
fixture. The clamp is designed to work together with T-Bar runners
to provide seismic restraint for the fixture without additional
chains or cables attached to the fixture itself.


* Also satisfies NEC 410.16(C) positive attachment for secure
fastening of luminaires (fixtures) complying with Acceptance
Criteria 184
* Cost effective
* Holds in place against the force of standard fire-hose pressure
* Meets U.S. building code and electrical code specifications
* Requires no additional chains, cables or slack wires attached to
the fixture
* Reusable
* Secures flourescent light fixtures to the ceiling frame members
* Helps strengthen integrity of the T-Bar system


* The Seismic Fixture Clamp has been tested for compliance to the
UBC, NEC, NBC, and CEC as well as approved and listed with: -
Warnock Hersey (Listed) - ETL (Listed) - Certified to CSA C22.2
No. 9.0-96 Component Only - ID: Seismic Fixture Clamp

Product Specifications

Box Qty 25 sets (4 clamps/set)
Third Party Certifications Certified to CSA C22.2 No. 9.0-96 Component
ETL (Listed)
ID: Seismic Fixture Clamp
The SFC has been tested for compliance to the UBC, NEC, NBC, and CEC
as well as approved and listed with:
Warnock Hersey (Listed)

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