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KSCdirect Part #: ANV 0500362926
Description: 271 2-31/2 GAL PIPE STAND COMP
MFG Part #: 0500362926
UPC: 69029183067
Supplier: Anvil International
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Anvil 0500362926
For support of pipe where longitudinal movement due to expansion and
contraction may occur but where no vertical adjustment is required.

Advantages of pipe rollers with a protective resilient coated covering.
Non conductive pipe rollers - prevent the passing of current from
pipeline to structure.
Corrosion resistant - for protection against severe weather conditions,
moderate corrosive conditions such as marine atmospheres and
weather resistant to ultra-violet radiation.
Low coefcient of friction between pipe and resilient coated pipe roller.


Size 2-3-1/2
Manufacturer Anvil International

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