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KSCdirect Part #: ANV 0500120605
Description: 439 T5 18 BOLTED GAL W/212
MFG Part #: 0500120605
UPC: 69029179601
Supplier: Anvil International
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Anvil 0500120605
A heavy duty slide support where horizontal
movement resulting from expansion and contraction takes
place and where a low coefcient of friction is desired.

No lubrication required.
Allows up to 4" of insulation.
Allows up to 10 travel standard.
Weld in place design.
Available Options:
Increased travels.
Increased H Section heights.
Clamps, Fig. 212 or Fig. 432.
Base plate with mounting holes. The bolt spacing for the
bolted base plates is equal to the W dimention minus
1 12" and the BL dimention minus 1 12" for all pipe sizes
and the hole diameter is 916" for all sizes.


Size 18
Manufacturer Anvil International

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