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American Air Filter 176-700-001
PerfectPleat Ultra

Allergen Reduction Air Filter with Intersept Antibacterial (inhibits the growth of mildew, bacteria, fungi
on your filter media.) The Industry's premier extended surface pleated air filter. The PerfectPleat Ultra
represents the next generation in pleated panel filters. They are designed specifically to reduce the
number of allergens in your home or office to help you breath easier. Premium Grade Residential/Commercial.
Available in 1", 2" and 4" depths and custom made sizes. 70% efficiency rating. MERV 8. Lasts 90 days.

• Allergen Reduction Air Filter with Intersept Antimicrobial. Premium Residential / Commercial
• The PerfectPleat Ultra will give you the performance our competitors promise but can't deliver.
  Compare to 3M Filtrete, Farr, Purolater, AirGuard, Koch, and Precisionair.
• Providing Greater Than 70% Efficiency on 3-10 Micron Particles!
• The Industry's Premier Extended Surface Pleated Panel Air Filter.

The Benefits of Higher Efficiency:
The higher efficiency of the PerfectPleat Ultra means improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in your
facility. In addition, when you use it as a prefilter, you not only improve the air, you dramatically
extend the service life of higher efficiency final filters. Use it as a primary filter in place of other less
efficient pleated panel filters, and you will significantly reduce the accumulation of dirt in your air
conditioning system. In any configuration, the PerfectPleat Ultra improves protection of the critical,
and expensive, components in your air conditioning system.

The PerfectPleat Ultra maintains its high efficiency throughout the life of the filter and becomes
much more efficient after the first dust loading. It is not enhanced by an electrostatic charge that
dissipates over time reducing filter efficiency, in some instances significantly.

Intersept Antimicrobial:
All PerfectPleat Ultra filters incorporates Intersept antimicrobial which is engineered specifically to
improve IAQ. All filters are incubators of microorganisms. Intersept acts as preservative to ensure
the integrity of the media throughout the useful life of the filter. EPA registered and environmentally
safe, Intersept inhibits the growth of microorganisms (mildew, bacteria, fungi) documented to affect
IAQ. This is important because the higher efficiency of the PerfectPleat Ultra means the filter
removes significantly more microorganisms from the air.

4" PerfectPleat Ultra - Heavy Duty Frame:
The 4" depth series places a DuraFlex media pack inside of a two piece frame. Straps are added to
the air entering side of the filter to help maintain pleat spacing, while specially designed pleat
spacers are inserted onto multiple rows on the air leaving side. The pleat spacers also assist in
keeping the pleats open during use, maximizing filter life. The two piece frame is then assembled
around the rigid media pack and is bonded at all contact points with adhesives that ensure
resistance to moisture. The result is unlike anything available in a 4" pleat coupled with strength
and durability. All frame components, straps and pleat spacers are made with 28 pt. beverage
containerboard with the highest wet-strength available.

2" PerfectPleat Ultra - Heavy Duty Frame:
A perimeter frame of 28 pt. beverage board is securely glued to the media pack to create a solid
cellside. The 28 pt. clay-coated board improves filter strength and helps resist damage. Newly
designed pleat stabilizers, bonded to the media to ensure pleat spacing uniformity, provide
additional strength. Three sets of pleat stabilizers are positioned on the air-leaving side of the filter.
On the air-entering side, three support straps add to the PerfectPleat's strength. The support straps
and pleat stabilizers ensure integrity against turbulent airflow and provide excellent lateral stability
for installation in side-access systems. The PerfectPleat is ideal for any application where pleated
filters are currently in use and higher efficiency is required or desired. It offers superior durability
and performance in the most demanding applications.

1" PerfectPleat Ultra - Strength and Durability:
The 1" PerfectPleat Ultra has the same durability and performance as the 2" depth model. Both are
made using DuraFlex media encased in a unique beverage board frame. PerfectPleat Ultra 1"
features 3 support straps on the air entering side and a patented die cut pattern on the air leaving

DuraFlex Media:
• 100% Synthetic Fibers
• Better Air Flow
• Patented Design

Perfectly shaped and spaced pleats. Uniform size virgin fibers are assembled in closely controlled
blends to create a media that is both self-supporting and remarkably consistent in performance. The
self-supporting characteristics allow a pleating pattern that promotes excellent dust holding and
resistance characteristics. The PerfectPleat meets or exceeds all current expectations for service life
and required airflow and has a guaranteed Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) of 8.

DuraFlex Media is Self-Supporting:
DuraFlex media's unique construction makes it self-supporting. When pleated, DuraFlex will hold its
shape without the need for wire support characteristic of conventional pleated filters. That means no
potential for the formation of rust and safer handling no nicks or cuts for the installer. With the
superior resiliency of DuraFlex media and no need for wire support, the PerfectPleat can sustain
significant abuse and maintain its shape and pleat spacing. The absence of the wire also makes the
filter totally incinerable, which simplifies disposal.


Size 20 x 20 x 1
Manufacturer American Air Filter

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