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KSCdirect Part #: AAF 173-800-011
Description: PERFECTPLEAT HC M8 20+25+1
MFG Part #: 173-800-011
Supplier: American Air Filter
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American Air Filter 173-800-011
PerfectPleat HC
The perimeter frame of the PerfectPleat HC is constructed from high wet strength beverage carrier
board. Three strong support straps are glued perpendicular to the pleats in order to maintain the pleat
spacing and add rigidity to the media pack.

PerfectPleat HC filters are designed for industrial and commercial applications having light to medium
dust loading conditions. They provide significantly higher efficiency than disposable panel filters,
permanent filters or media pads in metal frames. The 1 PerfectPleat HC M8 is recommended for
applications where a more durable, moisture resistant filter is needed than typical pleated filters.

• Mechanical efficiency does not rely on electret charge technology
• Form and fit unlike any other pleat available today
• Self-supporting DuraFlex media made from virgin fiber; no wire support needed
• Consistent media with controlled fiber size and blend
• High capacity model, PerfecPleat HC M8 filter, available for applications where higher efficiencies,
  airflow, and longer life are important
• Available in 1", 2" and *4" models
• Patented media, filter design, and manufacturing process.
Patents covered under one or more of the following
US 6398839 B2; US 6254653 B1; US 6159318; US 6165242;
US 6387140 B1 (1" model only)


Size 20 x 25 x 1
Manufacturer American Air Filter

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