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KSCdirect Part #: AAF 172-112-600
Description: PERFECTPLEAT SC M8 16+25+2
MFG Part #: 172-112-600
Supplier: American Air Filter
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American Air Filter 172-112-600
PerfectPleat SC
Designed, developed, and patented by AAF, the PerfectPleat is a product with form and fit unlike any
other pleated filter in the marketplace today. The automated and controlled process AAF has
developed for the PerfectPleat eliminates inconsistencies and irregularities in order to provide the
filtering efficiency you need and expect.

At the core of every PerfectPleat filter is DuraFlex, American Air Filter's patented, self-supporting media.
When pleated, DuraFlex will hold its shape without the need for wire support characteristic of
conventional, pleated filters. That means safer handling, with no risk of nicks or cuts during installation.
The absence of wire also means that the filter will not rust and is totally incinerable, which simplifies

• Mechanical efficiency does not rely on electret charge technology
• Form and fit unlike any other pleat available today
• Self-supporting DuraFlex media made from virgin fiber; no wire support needed
• Consistent media with controlled fiber size and blend
• Available in 2" and 4" models
• Patented media, filter design, and manufacturing process.
Patents covered under one or more of the following
US 6398839 B2; US 6254653 B1; US 6159318; US 6165242;
US 6387140 B1; US 7398887 B2


Size 16 x 25 x 2
Manufacturer American Air Filter

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