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KSCdirect Part #: WOO B67P-6
Description: Model B67 Box Hydrant P Inlet 6 Inch
MFG Part #: B67P-6
UPC: 671090020775
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Model B67 Box Hydrant P Inlet 6 Inch

The Woodford Model 67, B67 & RB67 are automatic draining, freezeless wall hydrants with hose
connection Backflow Protection. Hydrants drain as handle is shut off, even if hose is attached. All
models are designed to blend in with modern architecture for installation on restaurants, schools, office
buildings, churches, apartments, motels, stores, shopping centers and industrial buildings.

• NIDEL® Model 37HA with ¾ inch male hose thread
• ASSE Standard 1052 approved
• IAPMO® listed
• Field Testable
• Two check valves
VALVE SEAT – Permanent type brass valve body with hemispherical seating surface.
VALVE – One piece valve plunger accurately controls both flow and drainage with a minimum number
of turns and without need for adjustments.
DRAIN – Under nozzle away from hands of operator and with a lip to divert water away from building.
CASING – Copper tubes.
NO LEAD SOLDER - All solder joints.
STEM – Hardened stainless steel stem resists damage.
TEE KEY – Loose key operates hydrant.
OPERATING ROD – 3/8” solid brass operating rod.
INLETS – As shown.
WALL CLAMP – Furnished on all 60 series except close coupled.
MAX PRESSURE – 125 p.s.i.

Specify as follows:
Wall hydrant shall be Woodford Model 67 (exposed type), B67 or RB67
(concealed box type), automatic draining with double check backflow preventer. ASSE Standard 1052
approved. ¾” inlet and outlet (specify type of inlet). Hardened stainless steel operating stem and
one-piece valve plunger to control both fl ow and drain functions. Exterior finish to be Chrome
Plated (options: Polished Brass or Rough Brass). Loose tee key to be furnished with each hydrant.
Wall thickness to be _____ inches.