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KSCdirect Part #: CAD 3000037EG
Description: #300 Reversible Beam Clamp 3/8" EG
MFG Part #: 3000037EG
UPC: 78285633976
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#300 Reversible Beam Clamp 3/8" EG

#300 Reversible Beam Clamp 3/8-16

Ordering Information

Region Part / Article #
North America 3000037EG
Latin America 3000037EG
Europe/Middle East/Africa 3000037EG
Asia/Australia 3000037EG


* Hardened cup point setscrew to provide secure grip on tapered
* Ductile iron clamp with electrogalvanized finish for enhanced
corrosion protection
* Retaining strap available separately (for Model 300C)
* Reversible for attachment to top or bottom flange.
* Available with a HD finish by special order
* Conforms with Federal Specification WW-H-171 (Type 23),
Manufacturers Standardization Society ANSI/MSS-SP-58 (Type 19 &
23), install in accordance with ANSI/MSS-SP-69
* Setscrew must be tightened and torqued onto the sloped side of the
* Structural attachment to top or bottom of metal beams, purlins,
channel, or angle iron

Product Specifications

Bottom Mount Load 250 lbs
Fastener Height 1 9/16 in
Fastener Width 13/16 in
Finish Electrogalvanized
Flange Thickness 3/4 in
Rod Size 3/8-16
Standard Packaging Quantity 100
Third Party Certifications cULus
Top Mount Load 500 lbs

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